An unexpected sight

Summer is at an end. September has arrived in watery bluster and the holidays are over. Soon children will make the slow, sad trudge to school, tummies full of butterflies. My son will begin college and my daughter will be off to university; both looking for new, exciting adventures. My heart goes with them; wishing every happiness and success. I will be left alone at home, a little bereft, with plenty of empty time to fill with writing my novel. Well, that is the theory.

Today, in memory of summer, I post a final holiday poem from Ireland about some rather unexpected animals I met there living in the lush hills.


Emus in the Irish countryside

Walking cool

damp lanes,

quiet morning in

cleansing rain,

gleaming hedgerows

jewels of amethyst and

emerald, air

crisp with birdsong when,

alien in early


booming of African drumming

vibrating, resonating,

deep throated thrumming.

Rhythmic pulsing,

nature’s heart


Life rising from the


17 thoughts on “An unexpected sight

  1. Beautiful poem, I love the lush feel of the damp lanes, then the contrast with something unexpected. It reminded me of our holiday last year – we were travelling to the forest in Yorkshire, when we started following a horse trailer – up popped a head in the gap and it was an ostrich – we followed it for some time, laughing as its head kept bobbing up and down.

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  2. This is so beautiful – I really felt the rhythm coming through; I think my favourite part was: “vibrating, resonating, / deep throated thrumming.” – You really brought nature to life 🙂

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  3. Hi, Found you at Susie’s party. Dairy of a would be novelist. The name is so optimistic and full of possibilities… Am following you right away.
    Poem is so wrapped with the beauty of nature. Loved it. Looking forward to reading more of your posts.

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