Stuck in the mud

Today, I have a confession. Despite my writer’s resolutions, I haven’t had a good start to 2018. Yes, I have tried to write something every day – a bit of poetry, some thoughts and a few story ideas. But no, I haven’t worked much on my novel. If I’m being really honest, I’m feeling a little stuck with it. Like the gooey mud I trudge through daily to look after my goats, the bare pages suck and cling to my pen making progress slow. Like the grey, gloomy skies above, thick with rain cloud, my mind is a blank, heavy mass.

There is plenty of material to work with, I think,  but I cannot seem to organize it in a coherent way. My scribblings stretch across numerous notebooks, scraps of paper and sticky notes. I have part chapters and sections on my computer, along with completed ones. My method so far, if it can be called that, has been some sketchy planning and then writing with the flow. This has helped to develop some interesting ideas but also plenty of disorder. My writing style seems to have uncovered a secret me that I was unaware existed under my skin – a messy, uncoordinated me. Normally a fairly neat control freak, I seem to morph as a writer into a scruffy, chaotic hoarder.

Before I can carry on with my novel, I need to put this right. I need to find order so that I can get some clarity. My aim over the next week is to gather all my writings together in one folder. Then I think I’m going to continue my novel writing in one place – a large notebook. Once written in the notebook, I can transfer it to computer ready for editing. I’m still old-fashioned and write much better with a pen in my hand first time round, though I’m fully aware this is a much slower process.

I’m off to Ireland soon to visit a friend – on my own, what luxury! There I will have space, time and quiet. Surrounded by lush, green mountains, I hope to tackle more sections of my novel and come home feeling that I have achieved something. So, I have a deadline (which is good for me as I’m sure part of my problem is only being answerable to myself). I have to get sorted before my trip.

Wish me luck!


Is it just me or have you ever got stuck with your writing? Are you a muddled writer or highly efficient and organized?

13 thoughts on “Stuck in the mud

  1. Good luck with the novel and I hope you find a productive way through it – as well as having a good break! Getting stuck with a piece of writing isn’t anything new to me, but I do usually find after some fallow time it will come together, often with new insights.

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  2. Hi E R. I couldn’t get over how much I could relate to your first paragraph. I’m an organized control-freak in life, but in writing I’m a mess. I have been stuck on my novel for a year now. I have 12 chapters written and it doesn’t seem to be cohesive to me, so I’ve gone back and am trying to bring it together more smoothly. We shall see how this works now. I’m not really good at outlining, but there are some good books on the process. I read one called, “Take Your Pants Off,” referring to the saying, ‘fly by the seat of your pants’ while writing. It was helpful, but I still can’t bring myself to outline. Maybe it’s something that might be of interest to you. Good luck. Hope you had a lovely time in Ireland.

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  3. Ah, the murky middle 😦 I think plenty of us set off at a gallop, and we also have at least a vague idea of how it will all pan out. The middle bit is trickier and the danger lies in the pace slowing, the direction meandering.

    In my experience Ireland is way too gorgeous to spend indoors writing. Good luck!

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