If I die

This poem was inspired by the childhood prayer, which I always found rather morbid.


If I die before I wake, remember happy me,

a song for each occasion, busy bee.

Forget the eyebrows in the air, tut-tut.

Don’t think of the thankless, if only, but…

Remember the time I fell off my chair,

lay on the grass giggling, feet in the air.

Forget harsh words, regrets and sorry tears.

Remember dreams followed, conquering fears.


When my soul is taken away to rest,

remember me as my wonderful best.

Don’t think about things I shouldn’t have said.

Remember the cuddles, snuggled in bed.

Forget the many failings I acquired.

Remember wild dancing round the fire.

Know that I wished to be open and true.

And never forget, I died loving you.

15 thoughts on “If I die

  1. Your poem brought (delighted) tears to my eyes. I used to recite this prayer before I went to bed every night as a child. Then I forgot about it as a young adult. Then, I “re-found” the prayer years ago and was amazed at how rather morbid it was. Like you, I changed some of the words, with the same intent of asking for my soul to continue to be with the Spirit of light and love when I die. (Nothing morbid about that – we’re ALL going to die!). I think the way you’ve created this poem is incredibly beautiful, and it would be perfect to be read at my ending (of this here and now).

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