Image: Bristol Street Art from BBC

A couple of years ago, someone laughed at me for saying I was worried about Boris Johnson. He’s finished, they said, just a big joke. I thought they were being naive. There is nothing funny about Boris Johnson. He is deadly serious – a scheming individual with no moral compass or integrity. He has long hankered for the top spot and plotted his way there with cunning.

Boris Johnson has no ideas, or beliefs, or plans for the future, or for the benefit of the UK. He will say or do whatever he thinks is necessary to gain power. Obvious comparisons have been drawn with President Trump – the wild, straw-like mop of hair, the offensive language used in the name of ‘speaking one’s mind’, the populist rhetoric. The similarity is a big concern – both men are divisive politicians. I have long felt sympathy for my friends in the US, suffering from the embarrassment and hatred caused by their leader.

Unfortunately, it looks more and more certain Boris Johnson will achieve his ambition and become our Prime Minister. And that is not amusing at all.

7 thoughts on “Joker

  1. I hope you don’t get stuck the way we did. It’s terrifying, all these fascist ideas. When “W” stole the election, I was afraid we’d be at war again. With Trump, and those like him, it’s like 1939 and I’m terrified for the whole planet.


  2. Wouldn’t it be a change if the best, most capable politicians got the top jobs. Instead the whole business of politics is the grasping and retaining of power, not actually running the country.

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