Spring is alive

Bits of beauty,

moments of magic,

sights of something special,

out walking the dog.

Help me to remember,

time will be forgiving.

Remind me that life

is still worth living.

I haven’t felt much like writing recently, which isn’t good, but getting out and about enjoying Spring’s offerings can lift and inspire. I promised Angie at King Ben’s Grandma that I would share pictures of some the flowers here in the Welsh countryside as I’ve enjoyed looking at her photos of the exotic plants of SoCal.

4 thoughts on “Spring is alive

  1. Thank you for the shout out, but especially for the pictures!
    You think my flowers are exotic and I think yours are. We don’t have most of these.

    I’ve noticed all of the different flowers, and flowering trees since I started taking photos to share. I’m learning to appreciate all of them more.

    I found a Mulberry Tree in my neighborhood yesterday. I had never seen one before.

    I’m glad you’re enjoying your flowers, and mine. The writing will come, Spring fades too quickly.😉🌻🌺🌱🐛🦋💌

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