Why do writers write?

I write to give myself strength

This is the question writers are always asked. Let’s face it, the rewards are often not great. Only a few will go on to make a successful career of writing, become rich and famous and win prestigious awards. Many of us who write will never see our work published; other people may never get to read it. Does that matter? I don’t think it does because, in the first instance, writers write because they have to.

Writers write because they think in words.

Writers write because they love words and want to create beautiful sentences.

Writers write to make sense of the world.

Writers write to express something inside themselves.

Writers write because it’s something they can do, maybe the only thing they feel truly good at.

Writers write because they have something to say.

Writers write to bring life to their imagination.

Writers write to quiet the voices in their heads.

Writers write because they are afraid.

Writers write because they feel alone.

Writers write to make connections and to touch others.

Writers write because it’s easier than talking.

Writers write to affirm our humanity.

Writers write for themselves.


Why do you write?